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We not only only high-quality aquatic food, but also provide you with aquatic products acquisition, wholesale, retail, refrigeration services, so that you can rest assured that the choice!

Company introduction

Ningbo shuopeng food co., LTD., formerly known as yuyao aquaculture company, was founded in 1985.Mainly engaged in water seafood processing, storage, preservation, batch zero concurrently operation.After 20 years of hard work and wind and rain, has developed into a collection of processing, storage, circulation as one of the integrated yuyao municipal enterprises, after the development continued to expand shareholder financing to establish ningbo shuopeng food co., LTD.The new company is located in no. 38 north west road of zhu, mazhu town, yuyao city, covering an area of about 20 mu.Equipped with 3 refrigerated warehouses of minus 30 ° c, the throughput can reach 150,000 tons, 4 cryogenic warehouses of minus 50 ° c, the throughput can reach 50 tons, and liquid nitrogen refrigerated warehouses of minus 200 ° c, the throughput can reach 20 tons.And perennial with ningbo, taizhou, fujian, zhoushan, shipu and jiangsu and other places to maintain close cooperation.Out of a “base, heavy processing, brand” of aquatic products integrated development industrialization management of a new way.With the rapid development of national economy and the upgrading of household consumption structure, the industrial chain of water supply seafood has brought huge market opportunities.The company takes all the staff to “adhere to the original taste of the sea, feel the beautiful gift of the ocean” as the enterprise goal, develop and expand the enterprise with integrity and standardization, and make more contributions to the economic development.

Shuopeng food - not just aquatic products

We take “adhere to the original taste of the sea, experience the beautiful gift of the sea” as the core of the enterprise, and believe that only high-quality food, responsible and reliable service is the way of the long term.Welcome friends to consult!

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